Моменты абсолютного удовольствия
Absolute pleasure moments

Panoramic windows, spacious rooms and picturesque terraces are more than just elements of quality of life in TOPAZ Residences. All of this is the embodiment of the owner’s internal striving for self-expression and development.

The architectural features of TOPAZ Residences by TASIGO symbolize the desire for limitless creativity and prosperity. The layout and finishings create the sense of personal uniqueness and inspire delightful discoveries.

Each apartment represents an exceptional design and an atmosphere of quiet luxury.

Принципы устойчивого строительства TASIGO Hotels в TOPAZ Residences
Tenets of sustainable construction of TASIGO Hotels in TOPAZ Residences
Leakage sensors
turn off the water supply when the room is flooded
Датчики протечки
LED lightning
energy-efficient LED lamps are installed throughout the building.
Light intensity sensors
automatically turn off light fittings when there is enough natural light.
Датчики интенсивности света
Faucets with aerators
are helping reduce water consumption.
Смесители с аэраторами
are fitted with modern noise and heat insulation system, transmit a lot of light but protect from UV rays and prevent the building from overheating.
Precipitation sensors
automatically turn on the floor heating when snow hits, which allows precipitation to go into the drain and prevent it from heaping on the terraces.
Датчики осадков